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Mental health communities

Explore supportive communities for connection and healing

Creating space for inclusivity


To empowering mental wellness journeys for all through education

From receiving community support to raising awareness on mental health, there are always available resources, platforms and communities ready to guide you and your loved ones.

Find supportive communities


YouthReach by Singapore Association of Mental Health
Psychosocial support and recovery programmes for youths aged 12-21 with emotional, psychological, and psychiatric issues.
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Tinklefriend by Singapore Children’s Society
Tinkle Friend, an online chat, provides support, advice, and information to lonely and distressed children, especially in situations when their parents or main caregivers are unavailable.
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Online helpline, counselling and emotional support with a focus on youths aged 12-25, especially those with mental health challenges.
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Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH)
SAMH provides a broad range of services (counselling, creative services, outreach, rehabilitation, skills training and job opportunities) across 9 centres.
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Resilience Collective
Resilience Collective provides peer support mental health programmes, education and resilience building.
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Family Assist by Ministry of Social and Family Development
Family Assist provides information and tips on their website for marital reconciliation, family and divorce support services and other family-related support services.
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HELP Family Service Centre
HELP Family Service Centre focuses on supporting single parents and divorcing couples, especially in the area of childcare and parenting.
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Oogachaga is a community-based, non-profit, professional organisation working with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning and queer (LGBTQ+) individuals, couples and families in Singapore.
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The T Project
The T Project is a social service for the transgender community which provides a safe haven for the homeless in the community while they seek employment, healthcare, and more permanent accommodations.
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Agency for Integrated Care (AIC)
Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) provides various support to the caregivers of the elderly such as training, financial planning, legal assistance, preparation for hospital discharge and more.
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TOUCH Caregivers Support
TOUCH Caregivers Support (TCG) helps caregivers cope with the challenges of providing care to their loved ones through a range of support services, including, a helpline, caregivers training and home modifications and home care services.
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If you or someone you know is in need of urgent mental health support, there are dedicated organisations ready to lend a helping hand:

Institute of Mental Health Helpline
6389 2222


Samaritans of Singapore