Connections MindHealth

For your mind matters

More than just a clinic

We started with one mission

To provide holistic psychiatric and psychological services with a special emphasis on family mental health

Our approach to caring for you and creating a healing environment is guided by kindness, respect, professionalism and compassion. We envision a healthier, happier world with better mental health for all, starting with us.

Mental health care shaped by meaningful


Interpersonal connections
Support comes from family, friends, colleagues and our society.

Mind-body connections
We adopt a holistic approach to mental health treatment.

Therapeutic connections
We seek to build an open and trust-filled relationship with you.

Find healthy ways to engage with your thoughts, emotions, values and identities.

Community connections
Embrace mental health in the workplace and community.

Our tree’s story begins underground—within our vast network of branches and roots that dig deep to form meaningful connections. In the same way trees stand as pillars of wisdom and knowledge, we seek to be a helpful guide for all.

Reaching upwards, our tree represents your journey of growth, progression, strength and resilience. High up in soothing pastel-coloured leaves, a bird takes flight, finding the courage to embrace freedom after a period of change, innovation and progress.


Trunk and three roots resemble an inverted Greek “Psi” symbol, a playful nod to “psychiatry” and the Bio-Psycho-Social model

Foliage outlines a brain with branches as neurons, an integration of Mind and Body

Design resembles inkblots used in the historical Rorschach test

What makes us different

Flexible options for personalised and convenient care

We believe mental health care should be accessible to all. Collaborating with established digital mental health platforms, we provide a blend of digital and traditional face-to-face services for you to choose from.


Meet our team

Dr Jared Ng

Medical Director, Senior Consultant, Psychiatrist
Helming Connections MindHealth as founder and director, Dr Ng is passionate about using evidence-based practices to empower and guide his clients towards better mental health.

Ms Karmelia Jubri

Care Connector
Meet Karmelia, our dedicated Care Connector. With a genuine commitment to the health and comfort of clients, she plays a vital role in providing compassionate care and exceptional support to all. She is always ready to guide clients through their healthcare journeys with empathy, professionalism and sincerity.

Medical concierge and agents

We are committed to providing comprehensive mental health care and support to individuals all around the world. To meet the unique needs and challenges of clients overseas, we offer personalised services through medical concierge and agents.

For more information, do email us at

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a referral from a GP?

While a referral from a GP can help us understand your medical history better, we can definitely schedule an appointment for you without one. We may get in touch after to understand your needs and requests better.

Do I still need to get reassessed if I have been diagnosed before?

As your mental health needs and current situation may have changed since your previous diagnosis, we usually require a reassessment. Your previous diagnosis will be taken into account when confirming or re-evaluating your diagnosis.

What will I be doing in my first consultation?

You will have a conversation with our psychiatrist about your medical and psychiatric history, symptoms and current concerns. To assess for particular mental health conditions, you may be asked questions focused on particular thoughts, feelings and behaviours you experience.

Can my insurance cover any treatment I have to undergo?

While most insurance providers cover mental health treatments, the extent of coverage can vary depending on your specific insurance plan. We recommend checking with your insurance provider directly.